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We are families who have lost a loved one while they served in the Armed Forces. In our effort to allow the flow of grace to increase our ability to forgive reality for being what it is and not what we’d like it to be, we work to carry on the legacy of our loved ones by incorporating the values and principles they served: 

  •  Country 

  •  Loyalty 

  •  Duty 

  •  Respect 

  •  Selfless Service 

  •  Honor

  •  Integrity 

  •  Personal Courage 

  •  Sacrifice 

Even as our loved ones banded together with their military buddies, our families work to emulate the Warrior Ethos: 

  • I Will Always Place The Mission First 

  • I Will Not Accept Defeat 

  • I Will Never Quit 

  • I Will Never Leave a Fallen Comrade 

By supporting each other and our community to Honor all Past, Present, and Future military members, we strive to be there for each other in the best and worst of times and find we are truly Stronger Together!

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